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Bingara & Region
Bingara in North West NSW, Australia
The Cambell Bridge over the Gwyder River built in 1887
The Roxy cinema and adjoining café were built in 1936 and operated until 1958
The complex was restored and re-opended in 2004
National Bank
Post Office C1879
The Imperial Hotel was built by Michael Doyle in 1879.
Bingara Central Primary School 1899
Former Skin Dealers Shed
Hilliers Wool and Skin Dealer
Mr Hilliers former residence
Maitland Steet
Catholic Church C1906
Courthouse C1879
Copeton Dam Road
Former Post Office Hotel now Museum was built in 1860 and occupied until 1970, it had been a private home since 1918.
Main St
Upper Bingera developed more rapidly than what is now Bingara, and had a populatlon of 1,905 by 1861.
Upper Bingara today
Upper Bingara
Upper Bingara
Upper Bingara
Grass Trees
Grass Trees
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